We are dedicated to providing safe, educational and comfortable experiences in outdoor spaces
for children, teens and adults.

Our vision is to be a socially-conscious connection between Urban Communities and the Natural World around us.
  1. Wild/Urban Edibles
    Wild/Urban Edibles
    One of the reasons so many people love wild edible plants is that they're free! As well, the nutrition content is higher in wild edible plants than store bought foods.
  2. This is your brain on nature.
    Eco Therapy
    Ecotherapy, also referred to as nature therapy or green therapy, is often used as an umbrella term for therapies that take a nature-based approach to healing.
  3. Urban Agriculture
    Urban Agriculture
    Urban agriculture, urban farming, or urban gardening is the practice of cultivating, processing, and distributing food in or around a village, town, or city.

Active Children are Healthy Children

We are really, really excited to be able to offer children's activities in our communities and to parents, looking to invest in an Outdoor Enrichment program that's centered around exposing their children to Nature in a fun and safe environment. We also engage our youth in healthy activities such as kickball, double dutch and softball. Hike4Life KIDS will have fun and educational hikes, nature walks and fishing trips, that will promote an interest in ‘Life Outside.’

All activities unless specified, are for children and parents.
Start a family tradition of going hiking one or more times a month. Kids love the sense of adventure and doing something new. There’s a wide range of trails, terrain and sights for children to discover. With kids spending a good chunk of their time indoors during the week, hiking on the weekend is a perfect way to get them outside – be it an urban park or wilderness area trails. Hike4Life is proud to be your choice for outdoor fun and activities around Greater Boston. We will continue to partner with local organizations and businesses that support our mission to leave no child inside and to help prevent childhood obesity by working with parents to involve their children in healthy active and educational fun, outside and immersed in nature.


Our History:

Our Future:

Hike4Life was founded in 2010, with the vision of introducing people to the wonders of the outdoors. We started working with disadvantaged youth and families and partnered with various communtiy groups and organizations to help introduce to the outdoors. Hike4Life has serviced over 1000+ hikers and outdoors enthusiasts.
The Hike4Life Outdoor Education and Recreation Nature Reserve project is highly relevant to local outdoor needs. The site is being developed in partnership with community organizations, community residents and increasingly over time, will be managed by individuals who have an equity stake in the meaningful work we will be doing there.


  1. Michelle Cook
    Michelle Cook
    Hike & Bike Leader
  2. Intern
    Outreach Coordinator & Hike Leader
  3. Jerel Ferguson
    Jerel Ferguson
    Hike Leader